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Everything you need to know about pallets

Plain Pallets on 14 December 2020

Are plastic pallets heat treated?

Here's everything you need to know about pallet heat treating. To order plastic pallets for local and international export, contact Plain Pallets. ...

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Plain Pallets on 17 March 2021

Reinforced vs unreinforced plastic pallets

Picking the right pallet depends on a variety of factors, like your cargo and the destination. Are reinforced or unreinforced plastic pallets the right choice? Read on to find out more. ...

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Plain Pallets on 17 March 2021

Do plastic pallets need to be fumigated?

Purchasing plastic pallets, but not sure what (if any) fumigation measures need to be taken? Read on to find out more about responsibly fumigating pallets. ...

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Plain Pallets on 5 March 2021

How to dispose of plastic pallets

Plastic pallets can be reused multiple times and have a life of 15 years or more. Recycling plastic pallets ensures that they form part of the circular economy rather than the landfill. ...

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Plain Pallets on 2 February 2021

Cost of plastic pallets vs wooden pallets

Several factors affect which pallet is right for you. Wood is cheaper than plastic but plastic does not harbour insects or bacteria. The best choice depends on price and other factors. ...

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Plain Pallets on 7 January 2021

Understanding plastic pallet sizes

Plain Pallets are committed to your shipping and distribution needs. Speak to the friendly team today to find out about plastic pallets sizes for shipping domestically and internationally. ...

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Plain Pallets on 3 November 2020

What are the risks of building pallet furniture?

Discover which pallets are perfectly fine for reuse in commercial furniture projects, and which pallets pose a toxicity risk in residential homes. ...

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Plain Pallets on 4 November 2020

How durable are wooden pallets?

Find out why people prefer using wooden pallets, and what the most common questions are when it comes to the material's durability. ...

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Plain Pallets on 29 September 2020

Pallet safety: Frequently asked questions

Find out all you need to know about pallet safety, correct handling techniques, and dimensions for shipping. ...

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Digital360 on 28 September 2020

Staying safe while working with pallet timber

While timber pallets are an integral instrument in manufacturing and distributing goods, they pose certain dangers to those handling them. Pallets, in general, are the source of many workplace inju ...

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Plain Pallets on 30 August 2020

How to identify pallets that are ready for recycling

Recycling pallets is important for logistics and safety. At Plain Pallets, we recycle and refurbish pallets for further use, keeping them out of landfill. ...

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Plain Pallets on 20 August 2020

Upcycling versus recycling pallets

Upcycling and recycling pallets are two responsible ways to use good pallet timber. Recycle your old pallets by calling Plain Pallets. ...

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Plain Pallets on 19 August 2020

Why most pallets aren't suitable for making beds

Pallets are great for a wide variety of different DIY projects but a bed base might not be one of them! Find out more about the possible hazards that lie ahead. ...

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Plain Pallets on 27 July 2020

5 ways recycling pallets can help the environment

Pallets recycling can offer environmental benefits to your business, including reducing your carbon footprint and landfill. Find out how Plain Pallets can help. ...

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Plain Pallets on 1 July 2020

How to minimise the environmental impact of plastic in pallets

Can your business help the environment by changing the way it uses pallets? Chances are that our team of Pallet experts can come up with an effective solution. ...

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Plain Pallets on 15 June 2020

Pallet Size Chart

Whether you need Australian export pallets for transporting goods within Australia and Asia, or you're looking to send goods further abroad, we have a pallet to suit you. We also offer steel, plastic, ...

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Plain Pallets on 4 June 2020

Understanding the pallet recycling process

Our team has been recycling pallets for decades. Find out more about how we recycle pallets in a way that's good for the environment, and your hip pocket. ...

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Plain Pallets on 21 November 2018

The importance of pallet covers

When you own or run a business that handles stock kept in pallets, water, dirt, dust, insects, grime can all cause costly contaminations. Accidents or acts of nature happen which are completely out of ...

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Plain Pallets on 7 October 2019

Pallet handling guidelines

Handling wooden pallets safely requires an understanding of safety principles, racking options and pallet handling equipment. Choosing the right solution and adopting safe practices is the key ...

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Plain Pallets on 11 September 2019

How to ensure second hand pallets are safe for reuse

Second hand pallets come from multiple different sources. A thorough inspection will help you assess whether a second hand pallet is safe for use. ...

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Plain Pallets on 1 August 2019

Why it pays to invest in a pallet wrapping machine

Ineffective pallet wrapping is a major cause of damage to goods in transit, costing companies millions a year. Find out how to invest in pallet wrapping. Read more about effective pallet wrapping. ...

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Plain Pallets on 23 July 2019

What to look for when inspecting pallet racking

Australian Standards require that pallet racking should be inspected frequently – find out what you should be looking for ...

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Plain Pallets on 1 July 2019

How to stay safe when loading and unloading pallets

Injuries resulting from loading and unloading pallets incorrectly can be avoided with the right equipment and work practices ...

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Plain Pallets on 22 May 2019

Standard pallet sizes in Australia and overseas

There are several standard pallet sizes used in Australia and for exporting goods to other countries. This guide will give you an understanding of all the common pallet sizes ...

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Plain Pallets on 3 April 2019

Are pallets treated in Australia?

Pallets used for imports and exports must be treated to comply with IPCC regulations. But pallets used only for domestic purposes may or may not be treated ...

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Plain Pallets on 28 February 2019

Understanding US Pallet Standards

Learn about the shipping requirements for pallets going to the USA. If your pallets don't meet shipping requirements, they could be refused entry at port ...

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Plain Pallets on 18 December 2018

The importance of ISO Pallets

Plain Pallets produce quality ISO pallets to the correct specifications of the region that you intend to export to. Export with confidence, all pallets come with Public Liability Insurance ...

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Plain Pallets on 28 November 2018

Export to Europe with Euro Pallets

All goods exported to Europe must be with Euro pallets. Find out the specifications of these purpose built pallets, and the compliance and standards they must meet to ensure the safe arrival of goods ...

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Plain Pallets on 1 November 2018

Best pallets for forklifts: how to choose and maintain forklift pallets

Are you looking to find the best pallets for your forklifts? Tired of having to spend money and time to repair or replace your pallets, and wish they would last longer? Keep reading to find out how ...

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Plain Pallets on 29 May 2018

What are the Weight Limits for Wooden Pallets?

It probably comes as no surprise to you that different pallet designs have different static, dynamic and racking load capacities.

But if you're wondering how to wrap your head around their we ...

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Plain Pallets on 7 May 2018

New pallets or secondhand pallets: What's the difference?

When you need to transport something or store some goods, you need pallets. Depending on what type of business you own and the products you move, you may need new or secondhand pallets. ...

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Plain Pallets on 19 April 2018

Understanding Melbourne's pallet shortage

Cuts to supply coupled with increased demand have led to a serious timber shortage in Victoria. Here's what you need to know about Melbourne's pallet shortage ...

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Plain Pallets on 16 February 2018

How sustainable are your pallets?

Are your pallets environmentally sustainable? We all have a responsibility to reduce our impact, here's what you need to know about eco-friendly pallets ...

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Plain Pallets on 6 February 2018

How reliable are your pallets?

Australian businesses rely on wooden pallets every day. While keeping costs down is important for any business, you also need to make sure your pallets are high-quality ...

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Plain Pallets on 6 February 2018

Is your pallet supplier insured?

Wooden pallets are simple and inexpensive, but they often carry thousands of dollars worth of goods. So what happens if a pallet is faulty? ...

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Plain Pallets on 13 December 2017

The risks of cheap plastic pallets

The safety of your goods is only as strong as the pallet that carries them. A strong pallet is a critical component of freight and warehousing. Find out why you shouldn't risk a cheap plastic pallet. ...

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Plain Pallets on 8 November 2017

Should I store my pallets inside or outside?

Does your company store empty pallets inside or outside. Learn about and decide which solution is right for our workplace ...

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Plain Pallets on 23 October 2017

8 questions you should ask your pallet supplier

Before you place a pallet order, take a look at these 8 questions you should be asking your supplier. From bulk buying costs to even second-hand products, we've got you covered on what you should ask ...

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Plain Pallets on 6 June 2017

Everything you need to know about our secondhand pallets

Using secondhand pallets is a great way to save money for your business and reduce your environmental impact. They do exactly the same job as new pallets and they're just as strong and reliable. ...

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Plain Pallets on 5 May 2014

How to Choose the Best Pallet Possible

Believe it or not, not all pallets are created equal. Read more to find out what you need to consider when selecting your pallets ...

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Plain Pallets on 5 April 2017

A Guide to Efficient Pallet Racking and Storage

Efficient processes in your warehousing can make a huge difference to your bottom line. This is especially important for larger businesses and those increasing the scale of their production. ...

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Plain Pallets on 15 February 2017

What are the Benefits of Steel Pallets?

All the properties of steel which make it useful as a building material are also useful properties for pallets. This makes steel pallets an essential part of materials handling for many industries. ...

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Plain Pallets on 29 November 2016

What Should I Pay for Pallets? – Pallet Pricing Guide

At Plain Pallets, we supply Melbourne businesses high-quality pallets at competitive prices. And we're upfront about our pricing ...

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Plain Pallets on 1 September 2016

Plain Pallets is an Austrade Listed Pallet Supplier

Plain Pallets is proud to announce that we have been listed on the Australian Trade and Investment Commission website as a pallet supplier ...

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Plain Pallets on 26 February 2016

Sell Second Hand Pallets To Us

What should you do with that pile of old, damaged and broken pallets? Sell 2nd hand pallets to us and make some easy cash! ...

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Plain Pallets on 8 January 2016

International Export and Australian Pallet Dimensions

Find out what the Australian standard pallet dimensions are, as well as learning about the differences in pallet sizes for international export. ...

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Plain Pallets on 23 September 2015

Melbourne Students Design Unique Products Using Recycled Pallets

Used pallets are a great source of raw materials for your next project. See what the students at Norwood College came up with: ...

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Plain Pallets on 26 August 2015

The Best Pallets for Pharmaceutical Products

Plastic pallets now play a critical role in safe and hygienic transport of pharmaceutical products. This article outlines the full benefits of plastic pallets ...

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Plain Pallets on 15 July 2015

Plastic Pallets for Transporting Food and Beverages

Less risk of contamination, no chemicals, pests or bacteria. Plastic pallets are ideal for transporting food and beverage items. Read more: ...

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Plain Pallets on 17 June 2015

Looking for Cheap Pallets in Melbourne? Read This First!

Cheap pallets are not what they are stacked up to be. Find out the risks of using cheap pallets here ...

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Plain Pallets on 21 April 2015

What are ISPM 15 Pallets?

Shipping goods internationally? Then your pallets need to be ISPM 15 compliant! Find out more here ...

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Plain Pallets on 17 March 2015

A Technical Guide to Export Pallets

This guide to export pallets will save you time and money. Don’t get caught out with non-compliant export pallets! ...

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Plain Pallets on 27 February 2015

The Importance of Strong and Durable Pallets

A pallet is the structural base for your goods. A high quality pallet ensures your goods are secure. Find out the risks of poor quality pallets ...

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Plain Pallets on 11 November 2014

Custom Pallets for Eversweet

Custom pallet? You read that right. Find out how we made Eversweet stand out from the stack ...

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Plain Pallets on 6 November 2014

Custom Pallets for Section 8 Bar

Be inspired. We supplied Melbourne bar Section 8 with reclaimed pallets to be used for seating and tables. What could you do with a pallet? ...

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Plain Pallets on 19 May 2014

Wooden Pallet Creations

Where do pallets go to die? They don’t! Use reclaimed pallets as a sustainable and flexible source of material for your next project ...

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Plain Pallets on 29 April 2014

How to Get Greater Mileage out of Your Pallets

Do your pallets go the distance? If not, you may be losing money through replacement costs and damaged goods. Get the most out of your pallets ...

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Plain Pallets on 11 March 2014

Plain Pallets Display the Future of Sustainability

Pallets are always useful. See the many ways old pallets can be reused. Who knows, maybe your next house or business will have some great pallet furniture! ...

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Plain Pallets on 12 February 2014

Plastic or Wood Pallets?

Wood or Plastic, pallets make the world go ‘round. Decide how to get the best pallet solution for your business, starting with materials ...

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