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Plain Pallets

The Premier Australian Pallet Company

Our pallets in Melbourne are everything you need, plain and simple.

Our Promise

We're a family run business with family values; we care about our staff and customers. We strive to supply our clients with the right pallet for every job, competitive prices and the best customer service you'll find, not just in Melbourne but anywhere. We are Australian-owned and operated and trusted pallet suppliers to Melbourne business owners and companies across the nation. We can service all your pallet needs from heat-treated to second-hand pallets, pallet collection to export timber pallets.

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Plain Pallets, exceptional service.

As an established and proud Australian pallet company, we know a thing or two about pallets. So if you’ve been wondering where to find pallets in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We're honoured by our long list of happy customers, and we’d be delighted to add your name to it.

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    Secondhand specialists

    We remanufacture pallets using secondhand timber and make them as strong as new. We're the only Melbourne supplier to offer a guarantee on used timber pallets and can arrange pallet pick up Melbourne-wide.

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    Fast delivery

    We deliver plastic and timber pallets Melbourne-wide and throughout regional Victoria. As a result, our customers enjoy prompt delivery of our products.

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    High-quality pallets

    We take pride in the quality of our manufacturing and processes. Our full public liability insurance covers all our custom-made and wooden pallets to protect your goods and provide peace of mind.

  • customer service
    Customer service

    With our long history as leading pallet suppliers in Melbourne, we know what our customers want. We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service we can.

  • sustainable icon

    By building recycled plastic pallets out of secondhand and reclaimed materials, we reduce our consumption of new materials and prevent usable materials from going to landfill.

Do you need custom-made pallets?

We can build custom pallets of any shape and size you need. We have a fast turnaround time and can usually build and deliver your order within two business days. Plus, we offer pallet pick up around Melbourne!

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We buy plastic and timber pallets in Melbourne

We wouldn't be secondhand pallets specialists if we didn't buy used pallets. If you have bespoke or standard pallets in Melbourne that you no longer need, we'd be happy to take them off your hands.

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