Know which ISO pallet design is right for your exports

Plain Pallets on 18 December 2018

What are ISO Pallets?

You may be wondering what ISO means, and how it relates to pallets. ISO means International Organisation for Standardisation, and was devised as a way of standardising pallet production and use globally. Within these guidelines are six sanctioned ISO pallet dimensions that are compliant with exportation.

Of these six ISO pallets, each differing pallet dimension corresponds to a region that will use and accept those pallet designs.

So, why are ISO pallets necessary?

It is critical to adhere to ISO pallet specifications so that goods can be exported and received at their desired destinations. Each country or region have different export needs and subsequent infrastructure, so business' must be complicit to those considerations by only sourcing quality ISO pallets in Melbourne.

ISO pallets are handled by forklifts, pallet jacks and front loaders, which are purposefully designed to to transport these standardised pallets. Additionally, door frames and property sizes also play a part in ISO pallet specifications and considerations.

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What the specifications of ISO Pallets?

When exporting goods, familiarise yourself with the region in which you intend to export, and find reputable pallet providers like Plain Pallets for the appropriate pallets.

ISO pallet specifications:

Dimensions (W x L) millimetresDimensions (W x L) inchesRegion most used in
1016 x 1219 40.00 x 48.00 North America
1000 x 1200 39.37 x 47.24 Europe, Asia; similar to 40" x 48"
1165 x 1165 45.90 x 45.90 Australia
1067 x 1067 42.00 x 42.00 North America, Europe, Asia
1100 x 1100 43.30 x 43.30 Asia
800 x 1200 31.50 x 47.24 Europe; fits many doorways

When to use ISO Pallets?

Pallets are a storage and transportation solution, chiefly used for the exportation of goods. If your business is sending goods within your own country or to another region, ISO pallets are necessary.

ISO pallets should be used when your exports are travelling via boat, flight, or truck. Given the sometimes turbulent nature of these transportations, your compliant ISO pallets will be in safe hands as they can be bonded and strapped accordingly, provided they are the correct and specific size to do so.

What to remember before sourcing your ISO pallets

It's important to remember that not all pallets are made equal. The location in which you acquire your pallets may not right for the destination in which they will arrive.

Ask these questions of your pallet provider:

  • What is the right pallet for the country I intend to export to?
  • Do these pallets meet ISO pallet specifications?
  • If my goods are damaged or lost, am I entitled to Public Liability Insurance?
  • Would you recommend wood pallets or plastic pallets, based on the nature of my goods and the distance they have to travel?

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Why trust Plain Pallets for ISO Pallets?

It's important to trust reputable pallet provides to ensure that goods arrive where they should. Failure to use the right ISO pallets will result in your goods being delayed at customs, and often returned.

Plain Pallets are the preferred supplier for thousands of businesses. Plain pallets house every type of pallet in wood or plastic, including ISO pallets in Melbourne. The team of experts are experienced at identifying your pallet needs and recommending the right solution for your business and your goods.

Still not sure? Plain Pallets extend full Public Liability Insurance and guarantee the quality of all pallets, so there is no risk to you, or your bottom line.

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