Understand all the standard pallet dimensions used in Australia and worldwide

Plain Pallets on 22 May 2019

There are a number of different standard pallet sizes used within Australia and for exporting goods to other countries. This guide will give you an understanding of all the common pallet sizes used in Australia and internationally. 

  • See the pallet dimensions for all common pallet types

  • Understand what each type of pallet is for

  • Find out which pallets you need 

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Australian standard pallet sizes

Australian standards pallets are the most common pallets used in Australia. Another common pallet type is the Australian export pallet which is slightly smaller and fits two across a standard shipping container. 

Australian standard pallet dimensions:

standard pallet sizes2

Pallet typeDimensionsCapacity

Australian standard pallets

1,165mm x 1,165mm


Australian export pallets

1,100mm x 1,100mm


At Plain Pallets, we manufacture Australian standard pallets as both new wooden pallets and secondhand wooden pallets. Our range of Australian standard pallets provides the right solution for all kinds of businesses.

Our Australian export pallets are also ideal for transporting goods in shipping containers within Australia and internationally. 

Standard export pallet sizes

Pallets used to export goods need to be the correct size for easy handling in the destination country. Export pallets must also be compliant with ISPM 15 regulations to avoid lengthy customs and quarantine delays. 

Export standard pallet dimensions:

standard pallet dimensions2

Pallet typeDimensionsCapacity

Australian export pallets

1,100mm x 1,100mm


US export Pallets

1,200mm x 1,000mm


Euro export pallets

1,200mm x 800mm


Our range of compliant export pallets gives you everything you need to ship your goods anywhere in the world. Each pallet is treated for compliance with international standards and is suitable for general use in the appropriate destination region. Our export pallets the following:

Other pallet types

There is also a wide variety of pallets made from other materials available in both standard and non-standard pallet sizes. While these pallets are not used as commonly as standard pallet sizes, they are useful for the specific applications each one is designed for. 

Other pallet types and sizes:

custom pallet dimensions2

Pallet typeDimensionsCapacity

Steel pallets

1,200mm x 1,000mm


Plastic pallets



Plastic nestable pallets



Custom pallets



These pallets are specialised for particular purposes and offer solutions for businesses with specific needs for their pallets. Our non-standard pallets are the following:

  • Steel pallets have the same dimensions as standard US export pallets, but they offer a much higher weight capacity and a more robust construction. 

  • Plastic pallets, both regular and nestable, are lightweight and durable while also providing a hygienic solution. They are available in all common Australian and export sizes.

  • Custom pallets are manufactured to your exact requirements and are ideal for unique or specialised goods which don't fit on standard pallets. 

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We have full public liability insurance and we guarantee the quality of our manufacturing work, so your business is protected from risk. 

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