Sell 2nd hand pallets and make some quick cash

Plain Pallets on 26 February 2016

Is your business holding onto unused or broken pallets? Recover some of their value by selling them onto a pallet supplier such as Plain Pallets. We buy second hand pallets.

Clear some floor space in your warehouse or factory, reduce OH&S risk and earn cash all at once. You could also use this cash to purchase refurbished wooden pallets, or upgrade to modern plastic pallets.

Sell second hand pallets.

How much can you sell second hand pallets for?

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Used pallets typically sell for between $1 and $10 each

The price of used pallets depends on many factors such as their size, condition, volume and whether the material is plastic or wood.

A pallet that is still in usable condition is worth more than a pallet that needs to be refurbished. Someone who is buying pallets to make furniture might be more interested in aesthetics but will likely still pay more for pallets that aren't badly damaged.

Who wants to buy second hand pallets?

Buying used pallets

There are many reasons why someone would want to buy second hand pallets. Sometimes they are in good enough condition to continue using, making them as an affordable pallet option for business.

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Buying refurbished pallets

Damaged or broken pallets can also be refurbished using some new timber. These pallets are cheaper than new pallets but are often just as strong and reliable. It's important to only use reputable business when selling pallets or buying composite pallets to ensure safety and quality.

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Recycling pallets

Another interesting option for pallets at the end of their lifespan is to turn them into furniture or decorations. You don't have to do this yourself either; used pallet furniture is becoming increasingly trendy so you should have no problem finding someone who wants to buy your pallets.

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Upgrade your old and broken pallets to new plastic pallets

Don't just get sell your old wooden pallets – upgrade them to durable, lightweight plastic pallets. It's a practical choice for a lot of reasons; plastic pallets lock into racking for improved worker safety and are designed for easy and precise fork insertion.

The benefits of plastic pallets include:

  • Freight cost savings – Lightweight plastic pallets can save on freight costs.
  • International quarantine compliance – Plastic pallets can clear customs quickly while wooden pallets may need to be made compliant with IPSM 15 rules.
  • Durability – Option for steel reinforcement for increased load bearing capacity.

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Why choose Plain Pallets?

Plain Pallets has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying pallets to our Melbourne clients. We are fully licensed and insured and we guarantee the safety of all new and used pallets that we supply.

We buy and sell new and used pallets, so we have everything you need in one place.

For more information about selling used pallets, call our friendly team on 03 9545 7344.