Discover the standard pallet sizes and weights in Australia

Plain Pallets on 15 June 2020

Whether you need Australian export pallets for transporting goods within Australia and Asia, or you're looking to send goods further abroad, we have a pallet to suit you. We also offer steel, plastic, and custom built pallets with capacities up to 2,000 kilograms.

Pallet sizes and specifications

Australian standard pallets are the most common pallets used by businesses in Australia. Coming in as a close second, the Australian export pallet is slightly smaller and fits two across a shipping container.

To export pallets internationally, you'll need to use US export pallets or Euro export pallets. To avoid custom delays, all pallets must be compliant with ISPM 15 regulations.

We also provide pallets made from other materials which are available in both standard and non-standard pallet sizes.


Pallet type



Australian standard pallets

1,165mm x 1,165mm


Australian export pallets

1,100mm x 1,100mm


US export Pallets

1,200mm x 1,000mm


Euro export pallets

 1,200mm x 800mm


Steel pallets

1,200mm x 1,000mm


Plastic pallets



Plastic nestable pallets



Custom pallets



For a preview of the different pallet types, refer to our PDF version of the pallet size chart.

Let us know what pallet sizes you need

We want to know what you'll be using them for. Our expert team can help match you with the right pallet type and size. Our pallets are:


We sell used wooden pallets made from reclaimed timber and composite materials. Check out the range.


Our range of pallets is cost-effective, for projects both big and small. Ask us for a quote today!

High quality

We guarantee the quality of all our pallets and will happily replace any defective pallets free of charge.


We hold public liability insurance for all our pallets. No matter what happens, your business and your goods are covered.

Hear from our Happy Customers

"I moved into an apartment recently and was advised to put pallets in my storage unit. I knew nothing about pallets and quickly wearied of looking at second-hand pallets — all of which were too large for my needs.

Plain Pallets saved me! They explained what plastic pallets were, what I needed, and directed me to a page showing second-hand plastic pallets in a range of sizes. Done! My two pallets are now safely in place. What I really appreciated was that the treated my meagre order for two second-hand pallets with respect. So a happy customer and certainly happy to recommend."

Lachie Hill, 5 stars

"We have used the team at Plain Pallets for over 15 years. They understand our business and have always come through whenever we have had a problem. They give us competitive pricing, great service, and have even shown us how to save money with our pallet purchases and inventory control."

Evan Spargo, 5 stars