Plain Pallets on 29 April 2014

Ok, so we may be a little biased, but if you ask us, pallets are a brilliant investment for your business. Well-made pallets are strong, durable, and flexible, meaning they can have a long lifespan which can even extend well beyond their intended purpose. Here are our top four ways to make sure the money you spend on your pallets goes as far as possible….

Invest in pallets made from stronger materials

ResizedImage815471 strong plastic pallets

It may be tempting to opt for pallets made from low-grade material to keep costs down. And if you’re making at a one-time shipment of lighter goods, that may be the best way to go. But spending the extra cash on a more durable pallet could be one of the smartest long-term cost-saving decisions you ever make.

If you’re regularly shipping heavy duty goods in and out, choosing a heavy duty pallet will mean you can continue re-using them for months, or even years. Built to better withstand warping and bending, our heavy duty pallet is ideal for those looking to maximise the mileage they get for their financial outlay.

Plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular for this reason, with the additional benefit that they are a reliable option for shipping goods abroad (they don’t get held up in customs as timber pallets often do).

Repair them

ResizedImage815430 repairing pallets

Repairing broken pallets isn’t just the environmentally responsible thing to do, it also means you don’t have to fork out more cash for new ones. And while it may seem logical to do this in-house, it’s actually far cheaper to have an experienced pallet supplier (like Plain Pallets!) take care of the repairs. With all the Occupational Health and Safety issues involved, it’s also the safer, hassle-free option.

Cash in

ResizedImage814301 cash in pallets

Many pallet manufacturers buy back used and unwanted pallets for cash – and that includes us! As long as your pallets are in good condition and appear on our demand list, we’ll happily take them off your hands. Not only does that mean cash back in your pocket, it also means you don’t have to pay for pickup and/or recycling fees – so it really is a double-whammy for your wallet. Discover more about how we buy pallets and remanufacture them to produce strong and reliable products.

Turn them into something cool for your home or business

pallet furniture

As we showed in our last post, pallets are fantastic for building furniture; garden seating, coffee tables, shoe racks – the list is nearly endless. In most cases, all it takes is some sandpaper, varnish, nails, and a little imagination.

You can even use pallets to re-floor your entire house – and it’s not as hard as you’d think!

Some smart businesses have also started using pallets to fit out their storefronts, including high-end pop-up fashion retail outlets and not-for-profit creative spaces. Check out this article on Sourceable that shows some great ways to give pallets a new lease of life and keep them out of the landfills. Perhaps your front office or store front is due for a similarly stylish pallet refurb?