Choose environmentally friendly pallets for your business

Plain Pallets on 16 February 2018

All businesses have a responsibility to follow environmentally friendly policies and reduce our impact on the world around us.

At Plain Pallets, we do this by manufacturing eco-friendly pallets and by reducing waste and consumption within our business.

Here's what you need to know about using environmentally friendly pallets for your business.

What makes pallets environmentally friendly?

The goal of environmentally friendly pallets is to extend their useful lifespan for as long as possible and to minimise the amount of waste material which ends up in landfills.

Eco-friendly pallets include:

Secondhand wooden pallets

  • Built from recycled materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Built from a renewable resource

Our secondhand wooden pallets are remanufactured using recycled materials for a product which is just as strong and reliable as new pallets. Secondhand wooden pallets reduce the amount of waste material going into landfills and reduce the number of new pallets manufactured from scratch.

Secondhand plastic pallets

  • Long lifespan
  • Recyclable
  • Lightweight

Plastic pallets have an extremely long lifespan and are resistant to damage during normal use, making them ideal for secondhand use. While plastic pallets aren't biodegradable, most can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

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Why you should care about sustainable pallets

We all have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact for current and future generations, businesses and individuals alike.

Transporting goods often has a significant carbon footprint. Using secondhand, eco-friendly pallets is one way you can reduce the environmental impact of transporting your goods.

If you use pallets as part of your business, why not use eco-friendly pallets?

Other ways to reduce waste in your business

There are many different ways to reduce your environmental impact at your business. Always be mindful of new ways you can improve your business practices.

Some ways you can reduce your environmental impact include:

  • Establish and follow environmental policies relevant to your business
  • Recycle as much waste material as possible
  • Use recycled products wherever possible
  • Reduce consumption of new materials
  • Use renewable energy sources such as solar panels
  • Use energy efficient equipment and lighting

Our environmental policies

sustainable pallets aux3 image2Recyclable pallet timber.

We believe in building and supplying environmentally friendly pallets. That's why we specialise in secondhand and reclaimed pallets. To create our secondhand pallets, we:

  • As well as producing environmentally friendly secondhand pallets, we also aim to minimise our environmental impact in the rest of our business. Our other environmental policies include:Recycle 500 tonnes of loose timber per week
  • Repair and refurbish up to 6,000 pallets per week
  • Scrap timber is chipped and turned into garden mulch
  • Recycling all waste plastic, cardboard, and paper

All our environmental policies are conducted in compliance with the relevant regulations and government agencies. Find out more about our environmental policy.

Choose Plain Pallets for Eco-friendly pallets

At Plain Pallets, we believe in creating sustainable and reliable products for all kinds of businesses. Our secondhand pallets are every bit as strong as new pallets with less impact on the environment.

See our range of eco-friendly wooden pallets.