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Public liability insurance

Your goods and your business are protected

We stand by the quality of all our pallets and we back them up with insurance, so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe.

Quality assurance

All our pallets are covered by our full public liability insurance, including our secondhand pallets. No matter what happens, your business and your goods are covered.

All our pallets are manufactured to meet Australian standards and regulations. It is extremely unlikely that anything will go wrong. That's why our insurance is part of our commitment to excellent customer service.

What insurance means for you

Pallets are a simple, low-cost commodity, but they often carry extremely valuable goods. There's no reason to use uninsured pallets for your business.

Our public liability insurance means you are covered for any damages which occur as a result of a faulty pallet. This includes damages to your goods, other property damage, and injuries.

Choose a reputable pallet supplier

You should always choose a pallet supplier with public liability insurance. Irresponsible suppliers may be uninsured as a means of cutting costs.

If you encounter a problem and incur losses or injury because of uninsured pallets, claiming the damages back can be a lengthy and expensive court process. There is no good reason to risk it.