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Pallets for printing

Clean, sturdy, and reliable printing pallets

Printing businesses need reliable storage and transport solutions that won't damage printing materials. We supply a fantastic range of pallets for printing that will protect your product from bulk stacking and transport damage.

Pallets for the printing industry

The printing industry relies on all types of pallets for transporting and storing print media. Our wooden pallets are perfect for storing bulky printed materials, while our plastic pallets are suitable for paper manufacturing in sterile environments.

At Plain Pallets, we pride ourselves on providing the best pallets for printing material storage and transport. We're committed to providing quality pallets that not only meet your expectations but exceed them—time and time again.

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Printing industry pallets we supply

We design, build, and supply a great range of pallets suitable for the printing industry. These pallets are designed to meet the demands of our clients from the printing industry.

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    Plastic pallets

    Our plastic pallets are a strong yet lightweight storage solution for your printing business. They're easy to wash, making them ideal for clean work environments.

    Dimensions Capacity
    Various 1,000kg or 500kg

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  • new wooden pallet tile2

    New wooden pallets

    Our newest wooden pallets have a robust design which won't let you down when it comes to heavy storage. It's one of the most reliable solutions available for the printing industry.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,800kg

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    Custom pallets

    Our custom pallets can be designed and built to your specifications. These pallets are ideal for transporting and storing products with specific measurement requirements.

    Dimensions Capacity
    Various Various

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  • premium composite pallet thumbnail2

    Premium composite pallets

    Our premium composite pallets are constructed using a combination of new and second-hand hardwood boards. They're the perfect mix of sturdy and environmentally friendly.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,600kg

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Sturdy pallets for the printing industry

The printing industry relies on pallets that are not only sturdy but suitable for use in sterile environments.

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    All of our pallets are manufactured to meet strict manufacturing and performance criteria. They also come with a quality guarantee.

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    Your products and business will be protected by our full public liability insurance, in the unlikely case of something going wrong as a direct result of our pallets.

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    A number of our pallets for printing are also environmentally friendly. For instance, our range of second-hand pallets are re-manufactured from recycled materials.

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    Our printing pallets are strong enough to handle the unique demands of your printing business. You can rely on our pallets to safely store and transport your print media.

Our clients

We support printing businesses with a range of high-quality pallets for the storage and transport of print media.

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