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Manufacturing Pallets

The manufacturing industry needs sturdy, reliable pallets to keep up with production.

The manufacturing industry needs pallets that can keep up with the pace of your production. When you have deadlines and production quotas, you need to be able to rely on your pallets.

Pallets for the manufacturing industry

Businesses in the manufacturing industry need sturdy general-use pallets that are capable of keeping up with the pace of their production.

At Plain Pallets, we manufacture and supply a range of new and second-hand manufacturing pallets to suit the needs of your business.

manufacturing pallets

Our manufacturing pallets

Our range of manufacturing pallets includes options to suit the needs of your business. We have high-quality new and second-hand timber pallets with a variety of different capacity options.

  • new wooden pallet tile2

    New wooden pallets

    Our new wooden pallets are robust and reliable. They are built from entirely new materials, so you can be certain they will keep up with your production.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,800kg

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  • basic reclaim pallet thumbnail

    Basic reclaim pallets

    Our basic reclaim pallets are re-manufactured using second-hand materials. Our manufacturing process ensures they are just as reliable and high-quality as new pallets.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,200kg

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  • standard reco pallet thumbnail2

    Standard reco pallets

    Our standard reco pallets combine new and second-hand materials to create ideal manufacturing pallets. They are strong and reliable as well as cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,600kg

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  • premium composite pallet thumbnail2

    Premium composite pallets

    Our premium composite pallets are built from mostly new materials and secondhand base boards. They are strong and cost-effective, and your goods will sit on new boards.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,600kg

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Reliable pallets for the manufacturing industry

As a pallet manufacturer, we understand the needs of the manufacturing industry. We build and supply reliable, robust pallets to suit the needs of your business. We also provide high quality pallets to other industries, including the food industry and transport and warehousing industry

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    All our manufacturing pallets are built using high-quality materials and processes. We stand by the quality of our pallets and even provide a quality guarantee.

  • insured icon

    You need to protect your business and your goods, so all our pallets are covered by our full public liability insurance, including our second-hand pallets.

  • sustainable icon

    Sustainability is essential as the manufacturing industry and the economy in general moves to more environmentally friendly options. Our second-hand pallets give you a sustainable option.

  • reliable icon

    We have extremely high standards for quality and consistency. All our pallets are built using our unique process and checked for defects before being shipped to our customers.

Our clients

We supply pallets for a number of businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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