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Automotive Pallets

Sturdy and reliable pallets for the automotive industry 

Heavy and fragile vehicle parts need a reliable storage solution when it comes to transport. We manufacture and supply a range of sturdy automotive pallets suitable for transporting auto parts.

Pallets for the automotive industry

The automotive industry needs reliable storage solutions to transport automotive parts and accessories. Whether you're transporting heavy engine parts or fragile electrical components, our high-quality automotive pallets can accommodate them.

Here at Plain Pallets, we pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we offer to the automotive industry. We strive to provide quality pallets that not only meet your expectations but are delivered on schedule.

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Automotive pallets we supply

We stock a variety of pallets to suit your automotive business. We can even build custom automotive pallets to safely transport your smaller and more fragile auto parts.

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    New wooden pallets

    Our new wooden pallets provide a robust solution to your transport and storage needs. You can rely on them to keep up with the demands of your automotive business.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,800kg

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  • premium composite pallet thumbnail2

    Premium composite pallets

    Our premium composite pallets are built with a combination of new materials and second-hand base boards. Each one of these pallets is inspected and constructed by our own team.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,600kg

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  • steel pallet industry thumbnail2

    Steel pallets

    Our steel pallets can support heavyweight items weighing up to 2,000 kilograms. They provide a stronger and more durable alternative to wooden pallets.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,200mm x 1,000mm 2000kg

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  • standard reco pallet2

    Standard reco pallets

    Our standard reco pallets are made with a mix of new and second-hand materials. They provide a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution for your automotive business.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,600kg

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Reliable pallets for the automotive industry

We pride ourselves on providing reliable pallets to support your automotive business. You don't have to worry about receiving pallets with damaged boards and loose nails.

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    We maintain high standards of quality for our pallets. You can rest assured that every pallet will keep up with the demands of your business. All pallets come with a quality guarantee.

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    All of our pallets are covered by full public liability insurance. So your business and its products are always protected in the unlikely case that something goes wrong with any of our pallets.

  • sustainable icon

    We're proud to offer a range of environmentally friendly pallets. Our second-hand pallets are re-manufactured with reclaimed materials.

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    Our team can build custom pallets to suit your business's unique requirements. Whatever you need in a pallet, we're committed to finding a solution for you.

Our clients

We support automotive businesses with high-quality pallets for the transport of vehicle parts.

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