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Pallets in Brighton

Get your hands on durable, premium quality pallets in Brighton

Pallets delivered fast to your Brighton based business

If you're looking to buy high-quality, durable, and reliable pallets for your business in Brighton, you've come to the right place. Plain Pallets focuses on providing exceptional quality pallets and services to businesses to keep them happy and satisfied.

We can tailor-make our products to your specifications. No matter how big or small the job, we can do it the way you want. We use the best materials so that your goods remain safe and secure.

Get in touch with us right away to get a comprehensive quote for the services you need.

truck delivering pallets melbourne

Our Melbourne warehouse in the south-east allows us to serve our customers across Melbourne's city and suburbs.

We take care of our customers in the regional centres too, including into Bendigo, Geelong and even the Latrobe Valley.

If you want to know the associated costs and other details, reach out to our team.

Heaps of pallets for sale in Brighton

We offer a wide variety of pallets suitable for a range of different businesses. Speak with us about what you need, and we can get it delivered to your business location.

  • new wooden pallet 1

    Wooden Pallets

    In our wooden pallets range, we provide a full range of new and used wooden pallets. If you are specifically looking for new wooden pallets, you're in luck. Ours are made using the highest quality materials to keep your products safe and secure. Our specifications for new wooden pallets are:

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,800kg

    We can also provide used wooden pallets for your business. Our used wooden pallets range are equally effective and just as high-quality as the brand new ones. However, they are less expensive (and more environmentally friendly). Check out our full range of used wooden pallets to find what you need.

  • australian plastic pallet 1

    Plastic Pallets

    Count on Plain Pallets for your plastic pallets needs. Our plastic pallets are durable and lightweight. They make popular and versatile storage solutions for your business. Both new and secondhand plastic pallets are available.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,000kg
    1,100mm x 1,100mm 1,000kg
    1,200mm x 1,000mm 1,000kg
    1,200mm x 800mm 1,000kg
    1,000mm x 1,000mm 1,000kg
  • steel pallet 3

    Steel Pallets

    Steel Pallets are suitable for businesses requiring heavy-duty pallet applications. Our steel pallets are strong compared to other pallets, resistant to pests, can endure extreme weather conditions and corrosion, and are also hygienic and sustainable. Our specifications of steel pallets are:

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,200mm x 1,000mm 2,000kg
  • custom large pallet 1

    Custom pallets

    Need a specific pallet for your business? Connect with us to know more about our custom pallets services. The dimensions of our largest and smallest custom pallets that we build regularly are:

    600mm x 600mm 3,600mm x 1,165mm

Exceptional quality pallets available for your Brighton business

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    Prompt delivery

    We can get your pallets delivered in a very short span of time.

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    Our pallets are sustainable. They can be refurbished and used again and again.

  • hygienic icon

    Our plastic and steel pallets can be easily sterilised.

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    We use top-quality materials to build pallets.

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    We have been in this business for three generations.

“For the three years I have known Plain Pallets, they have brought outstanding consumer services to our company and are such a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with them in the near future”.

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