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Premium Pallet Supplier in Bend of Islands

Plain Pallets is a Melbourne-based pallet manufacturer in Bend of Islands. Founded in 1974, our family-operated business offers a comprehensive range of services, including efficient delivery, custom solutions, advanced storage systems, and expert material handling.

As your go-to pallet supplier in Bend of Islands, you can find wooden, steel and plastic pallets in stock and ready to order. Alternatively, we also offer eco-friendly recycled options. If you can’t find what you need, opt for our custom crating services as a cost-effective solution.

truck delivering pallets melbourne

Plain Pallets offers reliable pallet delivery in Bend of Islands. We’ll ship steel, plastic and wooden pallet straight to your warehouse door. With our local headquarters close by, we can easily provide quick and efficient delivery services you can trust.

While we love servicing businesses in Australia, we also ship new and recycled pallet cages internationally for a low cost. This means we can assist all industrial sites worldwide.

Types of Pallets Available

Plain Pallets is a leading pallet manufacturer in Bend of Islands. Therefore, we stock various containers and pallets in many sizes and materials. No matter your storage and transportation needs, we have you covered.

  • New wooden pallet

    Wooden Pallets

    Our wooden pallets are a popular choice as they can reliably store and transport lightweight and heavier items. Choose from our basic reclaim pallets or premium composite wooden crates. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, our recycled wooden pallets are ideal.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,800kg
  • australian plastic pallet 1

    Plastic Pallets

    Plastic pallets are mainly used for transportation and logistic-based uses. This is because the material is vermin-resistant, easy to sterilise, and stackable. With their enhanced durability, plastic pallets can withstand heavier warehouse projects.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,165mm x 1,165mm 1,000kg
    1,100mm x 1,100mm 1,000kg
    1,200mm x 1,000mm 1,000kg
    1,200mm x 800mm 1,000kg
    1,000mm x 1,000mm 1,000kg
  • steel pallet

    Steel Pallets

    Steel pallets are the strongest and most reliable option in our collection. They are heat treated and can easily handle heavy-duty commercial needs. If you require a customised steel pallet size that we do not stock, let our team know, and we’ll create one specifically for your project.

    Dimensions Capacity
    1,200mm x 1,000mm 2,000kg
  • custom large pallet 1

    Custom Pallets

    If you have a project that requires a pallet made from distinct measurements, our team can help with a tailored approach. We promise we have a customised pallet solution perfect for your industrial storage needs.

    600mm x 600mm 3,600mm x 1,165mm

Your Local Pallet Supplier in Bend of Islands

Plain Pallets has been a leading pallet supplier in Bend of Islands for over 45 years, so you can trust us for reliable service.

  • consistent icon
    Impressive Pallet Range

    Choose from our range of steel, plastic or wooden pallets. We also offer recycled pallets for a more sustainable solution.

  • customer service
    Reliable Customer Service

    Our team has the knowledge and experience to answer your pallet-related questions and ensure a seamless ordering process.

  • high quality pallets icon
    High-Quality Materials

    The materials used to create our pallets are durable and high-quality. They are designed with practical use in mind.

  • high quality pallets icon
    Fast Delivery

    Our streamlined process ensures you receive fast pallet delivery in Bend of Islands.

  • sustainable icon
    Eco-Friendly Options

    Plain Pallets in Bend of Islands is a sustainable business that offers recycled pallets as an environmentally friendly option.

  • reliable icon
    45+ Years of Experience

    Plain Pallets has been a pallet manufacturer in Bend of Islands for 45+ years.

“For the three years I have known Plain Pallets, they have brought outstanding consumer services to our company and are such a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with them in the near future”.

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