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Custom Pallets

Our custom pallets will fit your products perfectly.

At Plain Pallets we can manufacture pallets to the exact dimensions you need. If you need a custom pallet that perfectly fits your product, we can help. No matter how big or small.

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Our custom pallets are exactly what you need them to be, down to your last specification. Our custom pallets are:

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    Your custom pallets will be exactly as you ordered them, down to every last detail.

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    We use high-quality materials and manufacturing to produce custom pallets that will last.

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    We can usually build and deliver your order within two business days.

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    Like all our pallets, our customs pallets are cover by our full public liability insurance.

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We guarantee the quality of every custom pallet we build. Get in touch with us for a quote here or call us on 03 9545 7344.

For the three years I have known Plain Pallets, they have brought outstanding consumer services to our company and are such a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with them in the near future.

Outbound Manager, K-Mart, Target & Officeworks Central Returns Centre