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Steel Pallets

Steel pallet supplier in Melbourne.

Steel pallets offer many advantages over other pallet materials. The primary advantage is that they are much stronger and more durable than wooden and plastic pallets.

Our pallets are sturdy and stackable, allowing your logistical tasks to reach new heights. This is ideal for heavy manufacturing businesses and warehouses to operate in the safest conditions.

At Plain Pallets, we can supply steel pallets for your business, including next day delivery.

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Plain Pallets cares

From reusing timber pallets to recycling and sorting waste materials, we care about the environment.

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The strongest pallets there are.

Steel pallets offer a robust solution for businesses which require pallets for heavy duty applications. The benefits include:

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    Steel is an ideal material for heavy duty pallets. It means a longer lifespan and less chance of damage during use.

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    Steel pallets have a much higher weight capacity than other types of pallets, making them ideal for heavy duty use and stacking.

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    Steel pallets do not rot or attract pests and are resistant to weather damage and corrosion.

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    Steel pallets are easy to clean and sterilise in sensitive environments.

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    We have extensive environmental and sustainability policies conducted in accordance with Sustainability Victoria and EPA Victoria. 

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These benefits, along with their high-strength construction, make steel pallets ideal for use in a range of different industries, including construction and long-term storage. Find out more about steel pallets here.

For the three years I have known Plain Pallets, they have brought outstanding consumer services to our company and are such a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with them in the near future.

Outbound Manager, K-Mart, Target & Officeworks Central Returns Centre

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