Container Furniture on Trend in Melbourne

Plain Pallets on 6 November 2014

(Image above: Melbourne’s Section 8 bar on Tattersalls Lane. Photo: Craig Abraham)

Located on Tattersalls Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, Section 8 bar is industrial chic. The charm of this bar lies in its raw appeal. The theme is obvious in all elements of the design, with the entire bar being located in the side of an empty (well, now not-so-empty) shipping container that sits in one of the various desolate parking lots in Chinatown.

Section 8 bar is open every day, all year round – but it is particularly enjoyable in the summertime, as the majority of the space is open to the elements. The grunge/hipster factor here is high, with graffiti galore along the walls and almost all of the interiors being fashioned from recycled industrial materials. For instance, stacks of custom wooden shipping pallets form the seating arrangements at Section 8. Hmm, pallets… We wonder where you’d get those kinds of custom pallets from?

plain pallets section 8

You guessed it. Plain Pallets was responsible for supplying all of the reclaimed pallets to Section 8 to help them achieve their industrial appeal. Using our Premium RECO wooden pallets, we fashioned the seats and tables specifically for use within the space, and delivered them into the CBD. Our one-tonne vehicle was a bit of a tight squeeze in such a small laneway, but hey. Anything for our customers.

Plain Pallet’s pallets not only made our client happy, but their clients, too. The industrial seating arrangements at Section 8 now form platforms upon which fun is had and memories are made, every day of the year, by hundreds of locals and visitors alike. The ‘warehouse aesthetic’ that’s currently on trend in Melbourne is proving that pallets aren’t just for industry purposes; they can be for any interior space.

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