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Airdex foam pallet

Lightweight and durable shipping with the Airdex foam pallets.

A durable, lightweight pallet manufactured using foam which means no bugs, pests, or vermin, and a product that is durable enough to last for repeated use.

For a non-wooden pallet option that is lightweight and durable, choose the Airdex foam pallet.

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Tough and durable Airdex foam pallets

When you are looking for a lasting solution to your shipping, warehousing, storage, and logistics needs — choose the Airdex pallets from Plain Pallets. Airdex pallets are:

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    Your Airdex pallets are light enough so they don't take up too much weight, but strong enough to carry the toughest loads.

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    This foam pallet ensures easy sanitisation and cleaning, without the hassles associated with timber such as vermin and mites.

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    Every Airdex pallet can be used time and time again without the risk of rapid deterioration or wear and tear.

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    We provide prompt delivery for your Airdex pallets no matter where you are in Melbourne.

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    We have extensive environmental and sustainability policies conducted in accordance with Sustainability Victoria and EPA Victoria. 

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For fast delivery and high quality Airdex pallets, you can rely on Plain Pallets. Contact us today for a quote.

For the three years I have known Plain Pallets, they have brought outstanding consumer services to our company and are such a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to continuing a good partnership with them in the near future.

Outbound Manager, K-Mart, Target & Officeworks Central Returns Centre

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