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Environmental Policy

We build and supply eco-friendly pallets

Our environmental policy informs everything we do at Plain Pallets. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and preserving it for future generations.

Our commitment to environmentally friendly pallets

Our goal is to build and supply pallets in an environmentally responsible manner. We want to meet the needs of industrial businesses without impacting the environment more than we need to.

Pallet recycling is at the core of our business model, allowing us to take discarded materials and turn them into strong and sturdy solutions for our clients. Our pallet recycling efforts save tonnes of timber each year.

One of our core focuses is our secondhand pallets. We have created innovative processes for recycling used pallets and timber into pallets which are just as robust and reliable as newly manufactured pallets.

Our environmental policies

  • Reduce consumption

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    By manufacturing eco-friendly pallets out of secondhand and reclaimed materials, we reduce the amount new consumption for our business and the business who use our pallets.

    We recycle 500 tonnes of loose timber board into newly built pallets every week. On top of this, we repair and refurbish up to 6,000 pallets per week to put back into circulation instead of landfill.

  • Recycle all waste material

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    Producing environmentally friendly pallets is the primary way we recycle useful materials and avoid adding to landfills. Any scrap timber which we cannot use for pallets is chipped on-site and transported to a third party for processing into garden mulch.

    We also recycle all other waste material, such as plastic, cardboard, and paper. In total, we divert thousands of tonnes of timber, plastic, and cardboard away from landfills every year.

  • Government compliance

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    All our environmental policies are conducted in compliance with Sustainability Victoria and EPA Victoria. With regular consultation with government agencies, we ensure our policies are in line with regulations and community expectations.

    We believe in the work we do and we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

How you can help

You can help our efforts by using our environmentally friendly pallets where possible in your business. Secondhand pallets do exactly the same job as new pallets, they are just as reliable, and they are better for the environment.

To get your eco-friendly pallets, see our range of secondhand pallets.